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"I moved to Morgan County in 1994 after growing up in Connecticut and briefly living in Pennsylvania and Virginia. When I moved to Hartselle with my family, a neighbor brought over a homemade pecan pie to welcome us to the neighborhood. I was surprised such hospitality still existed! A few years ago in our Decatur neighborhood where we currently live, our doorbell rang in mid-October. We answered the door to find nobody there, just a pumpkin filled with candy and a "boo sign" sitting on the step. The sign instructed us to copy the "boo" twice, hang the original on our door, and then go "boo" two more neighbors with goodies. Just a week later, my children and I counted over 12 boos hanging on front doors along the short drive to school. I would never have thought that experiences like these could happen more than once in a lifetime. And yet, experiences like these are what many people who have come from other places have been delightfully surprised to find commonly occur when they move to Morgan County. Morgan County is a place where neighbors still take the time to say hello, where friendliness is in the air, and where you feel like you belong after just a very short amount of time."

- Ellen Didier, Owner of Red Sage Communications

"The pandemic is slowing down (I hope), and it’s tricky opening a brick-and-mortar business during this time. This is a time when any type of investment is thought out carefully but my investment into the Chamber is priceless. The efficient and friendly staff coordinated our ribbon cutting to perfection. They increased our exposure level 500%, which in turn increased our daily sales. I am forever grateful for all the professionalism, kind words, warm smiles, and lastly the new friendships."

-Janelle Brown, Owner of Brown Books and More

"I am so thankful for the Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce! What an amazing group of innovative thinkers. As a longtime member of the Chamber, I have met numerous business leaders and professionals throughout our community at the many Chamber events. Never underestimate a group of people committed to the same cause! Everyone at the Chamber, and their members, work hard every day to help each other and our community. All of us are committed to helping one another succeed.”

-Kelly Pate/The Greater Morgan County Builders Association

“The Excellence in Leadership Program with the Decatur-Morgan Chamber of Commerce afforded me the opportunity to network with other community leaders to discover how we can better serve our community.  We experienced everything from local non-profits to meeting with the governor and state legislators to better understand what our community needs and has to offer.  The relationships built during the program are both profitable and lasting; even now, a couple of years after going through the program, I still benefit from the relationships built.”

-Joe McKaig/Decatur Baptist Church

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