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Decatur Downtown Redevelopment Authority

The Decatur Downtown Redevelopment Authority works with local partners, investors and developers to ensure ongoing development in the downtown and riverfront areas. Established in 2004, the Decatur Downtown Redevelopment Authority was formed to provide consistent support and promotion of the city’s redevelopment projects, and create easier avenues for private developers  to build and remodel in the downtown and riverfront areas. 

Decatur-Morgan County Entrepreneurial Center (The E-Center)

In 2021, Business Alabama ranked the Decatur-Morgan County Entrepreneurial Center (The E-Center) number one in the state for most incubator tenants and the highest number of companies that have graduated from the incubator.  The E-Center also created The Best & Brightest Initiative which made history when Decatur became the first community in the country to create a comprehensive incentive package to attract STEM Grads to become residents of the community.

Decatur Morgan County Tourism

Decatur Morgan County Tourism is a nonprofit organization created exclusively to market Decatur and Morgan County regionally, domestically and internationally to both groups and individuals, in order to enhance the economy and increase employment. The organization offers a full service visitor center with brochures, festival and event information, and area maps.

Morgan County Economic Development Association

Incorporated in 1969, the Morgan County Economic Development Association was created to stimulate, promote and assist in the development of new industry and the expansion and development of existing industry within Morgan County. The MCEDA office, in conjunction with the Decatur-Morgan County Port Authority, oversees the operation of the Morgan County public port terminals. MCEDA’s President and CEO Jeremy Nails was awarded the top state economic development award in 2019.

Positively Decatur

Positively Decatur is a storytelling initiative spearheaded by The City of Decatur to showcase our fantastic city and its inspirational people. Check out the website to see what makes Decatur a great place to live, work and play. Make sure you follow Positively Decatur on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share your positive Decatur story on the form at the bottom of the website.

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