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Decatur Utilities Announces Installation of Two Level 3 Fast Electric Vehicle Chargers

Decatur Utilities, in partnership with TVA, the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA), City of Decatur and Seven States Power Corporation, is excited to announce the installation of two Level 3 Fast Electric Vehicle charging stations in the parking lot off Holly St. located between the Princess Theatre and the Cook Museum of Natural History.  A dedication for the new charging stations was held Thursday, May 16th at 10 a.m.

This installation is part of the regional Fast Charge Network that will cover major travel corridors across TVA’s seven-state service area and will complement the broader efforts of the National Electric Highway Coalition, which seeks to enable long-distance EV travel by placing fast chargers along interstates and major highways throughout the United States.

"DU is pleased to participate in this endeavor," said Ray Hardin, General Manager of Decatur Utilities.  "Electric vehicles are becoming more popular with each passing year and this will ensure that motorists have access to a rapid charging station - whether they are local residents or visitors traveling through our area."

TVA and ADECA provided the funding, the City of Decatur provided two parking spaces and Seven States Power Corporation coordinated the project with DU's Electric Engineering team.  Hardin credited that collaboration with making the project a reality.  "This did not involve any direct funds from our ratepayers," he said. "However, they will reap the benefit of having a rapid charging station here in the DU service area." Customers using the chargers pay a retail rate for the electricity used.

“TVA is partnering with local power companies like Decatur Utilities and state agencies like ADECA to invest in charging infrastructure across the Tennessee Valley region because electric vehicles benefit everyone,” said Jared Mitchem, TVA Regional Vice President – South.  “These investments allow TVA to save drivers money and attract good jobs and tourism– all powered by electricity from TVA and your local power company.”

“Seven States is trusted by local power companies across the Tennessee Valley to deliver EV charging technology for their consumers,” said Betsey Kirk McCall, President and CEO of Seven States Power Corporation.  “Impactful partnerships like this benefit the local community and regional economy."

Dobbs & Company Electrical Contractors (DCED) installed the two Level 3 rapid chargers.  Level 3 Direct Current (DC) chargers have power output from 60kW to 120kW which can charge the average Electric Vehicle to 80% within 30 minutes.

To learn more about the Fast Charge Network, calculate how much money an EV could save you or locate EV charging stations on your travel route, click here.



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