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Member Spotlight – Shawn D. Garth, REALTOR

As a licensed REALTOR since 2005, Shawn D. Garth has had the privilege of helping hundreds of customers/clients achieve their real estate goals. Over the years, she has built a successful and reputable business that is grounded in integrity, professionalism and a commitment to excellence.

When Shawn started her career, she said she quickly realized that success in real estate requires more than just knowledge of the market. It requires a deep understanding of the needs and desires of your customers, as well as strong communication and negotiation skills. Shawn said she has worked hard to hone these skills and build a reputation for being a trusted advisor and advocate for her customers.

As her business grew, she expanded her administrative team to help better serve her customers. She offers a range of services that includes buying and selling representation, relocation assistance, new construction, foreclosures, investment properties, estate sales and divorce sales. She also invested in technology and marketing strategies to ensure she is providing the best possible experience for her customers.

Looking to the future, Shawn is optimistic about the continued growth of the real estate industry and she’s excited to embrace new technologies and strategies that will help her serve her customers more effectively and efficiently. She’s also focused on expanding her reach and building relationships with new customers and partners.

At the heart of her business is a commitment to her customers. Shawn says she understands that buying or selling a home is a significant decision, and she is dedicated to providing the guidance and support her customers need to make informed decisions.

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