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Morgan County Ranks Sixth for New and Expanding Industry Announcements

The Alabama Department of Commerce released the report for the State of Alabama on new and expanding industry announcements for 2021. Morgan County was ranked sixth in the state for both new and expanding capital investments at $332,389,913, and for new and expanding job announcements at 483.

Morgan County had a total of two new projects and 14 expanding projects in 2021 resulting in 362 jobs with a $279,089,913 investment. Some of those expanding companies include Cerrowire LLC, Daikin America, Polyplex USA, Prudent American Technologies, Valley Rubber, United Lauch Alliance, and Watco Transloading LLC.

According to the New & Expanding Industry Report, 2021 resulted in 247 successful projects across the state with industries ranging from metals manufacturing, food products, information technology, data centers, logistics, forestry, automotive and aerospace. These new projects are expected to bring in $7.7 billion in new capital investment, comparted to a total of $4.8 billion in 2020. The 2021 investment total stands as the second highest annual figure for Alabama’s economic development team, trailing only the $8.7 billion recorded in 2018. These projects will generate over 10,000 new direct jobs across the state.

Read the full report here.



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