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Chamber Invests in YouScience to Assist Students with Career Paths

The Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce has once again invested in eight high schools in Decatur, Hartselle and Morgan County for another year of YouScience, an aptitude‐driven talent identification platform that uncovers and connects talent and opportunity through brain games. Students learn skills to help them become a qualified candidate for in‐demand careers and they can earn industry‐ recognized certifications in the process.

"We want to have homegrown talent here in Decatur and Morgan County,” said Amber Fortenberry, director of talent development and recruitment for the Chamber. “YouScience will actually list local community colleges and jobs in the area and tell the students what positions they employ at those jobs.

The Chamber made its first investment in the YouScience platform in 2019 for high schools in Decatur, Hartselle, and Morgan County Schools to address the workforce shortage in Morgan County. YouScience provides a 90-minute assessment that students take on the computer. It then provides them with career choices that are best suited to the students’ abilities.

The Chamber is working with counselors, career coaches, and superintendents in our three school systems so that every 9th grader has access to the program. This year, the schools will also have the option to give any student from 10th – 12th grade the assessment as and the student will be able to have access to the program for 10 years. The YouScience platform will continue to align talent, education, and employers in the Decatur-Morgan County area as we give students direction by expanding their vision of opportunities.

Click here to watch an interview with 3M Plant Director Michelle Howell and past Chair for the Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors about the investment in YouScience.



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